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Additional Photos

Jackie Knight's Comedy Club at the Corner Bar.
828 Anastasia Blvd.
St. Augustine, FL
Phone #: 904-461-8843

Jackie Knight and another happy crowd at the Comedy Club!

We're Back!!!!!


Friday Shows
start at 8:30 pm

new CONTEST with $100 prize

October 20th

Saturday Night Shows

Starting at - 9:00 pm

Laff 4 Less - Friday shows start at 8:30 pm

For reservations call

Friday - October 27th

Oct 28 - Saturday

Steve Arik
with Johnny Oz

Nov 4 - Saturday

Vince Taylor

Nov 11 - Saturday

Joe Fernandes

Nov 18 - Saturday

James Yon
with Miquel Cologne

Special Two Night Event!!!
November 24 & 25
Fri 8:30    Sat 9 pm

Jill Kimmel
with Larry Thompson

This divorced mother of two has been performing since 2006. She's worked with Tom Papa, Greg Fitzsimmons, Jim Norton, Jeffery Ross, Tig Notaro and many other great comedians at Stand Up Live, the Improv Clubs, The Laugh Factory, Catch A Rising Star, and several other respected venues around the country.

Jill has appeared in sketches on Jimmy Kimmel Live, for the website SheKnows, and has filmed multiple commercials for companies such as Vocera, Sit N Cycle, Presto Loans, George Brazil, CableOne, Plexus, and Thin Optics. She regularly hosts lifestyle TV segments on various AZ and CA morning shows.


Preacher Lawson and Jackie

KIER, Jackie and Andre

Jackie Knight with Luke Francis

Jackie with the Disgruntled Clown

Mike Houser, Jackie and Jimmy Van Zant!  Rock and Roll!!

Janet Williams and Jackie

Michael Winslow - the sound effects guy!  put on great shows on April 16 and 17, 2010
THANKS Michael!!!!

Jackie and Michael Winslow

Tommy Davidson and Jackie

Pearl on bike
Jackie's beautiful mother, who passed away March 6.
Love and miss you mom!

Mom...April 19
"Another Angel in heaven, my beautiful Aunt Ruth..we love and miss you"

Dion & Jackie

Jackie, Tommy Torres, and Paula Mayne

Corey Feldman- "Lost Boys"

Young Wayne Newton with a 16 year old Jackie.

Wolfman Jack & Jackie.

Tony Bennett with 16 year old Jackie.

Jimmy Durante with 16 year old Jackie.

Liberace with 13 year old Jackie.

Mick Foley "Mankind" WWF

Frankie Muniz "Malcolm in the Middle"
15 BD party

Comedy Club St. Augustine

The Comedy Club with
Jackie Knight at the Corner Bar. Jackie Knight's in St. Augustine; Florida is recognized by critics far and wide as the "Best Comedy Club in Florida".  Some even go as far as to say we are the best Comedy Club in America.

So why are we the best comedy club in Florida?

Because we consistently feature "National" Acts like Michael Winslow, Tommy Davidson, Dante, and too many others to name.

Check out our
upcoming shows, then get your tickets early.  With these great entertainers the seats fill-up quickly!  "See You At The Show!!!"

Phone #: 904-461-8843

Jonanthan Vredenberg...Jackie and Michael Mack

Tanyalee Davis and Jackie

Laff 4 Less" gang, killin it!

Kurt Allen Showcase

Jackie, James Yon and Catherine Maloney....great show!

Jackie and Paula,,,
friends since high school class of 66!

Grandma Lee and Jackie from
America's Got Talent!!

Nikki, Jackie, and Ken

Hypnotist, Larry Silver, Jackie, and Tom Hancock! Great show!!! 6-27-14

The "Pitbull of Comedy"
Bobby Slayton with Jackie

Xavior, Bobby Slayton, and Jackie

Kier, Jackie & Shot Glass
Kier...just got back from entertaining the troops in Asia ... brought this shot glass for Jackie's collection.

Jackie and Danielle

Duncan Jay and the Crew!

Jackie Ann, Michael Mack, and Jackie

Dave, Akemi, Jackie and Pearl

New Years 2013!!!

Vince Taylor and Jackie

Amy Dingler and Jackie (1-11-14)

Ron, Brian, Matt, Jackie and Marcus

The Best National Acts Perform
Regularly at Jackie Knight's Comedy Club.

Tom Rhodes and Jackie (12-21-13)

Jackie with the one and only
TOM RHODES and Travis Bates.

"Skratch" Cummings and Jackie

Adam Heath Avitable and Jackie

Jackie and Jodi Ann
Christmas 2012

Ron Feingold, Jodi from the Comedy Zone
and Jackie, Christmas 2012

New Years Eve
Ron Feingold and Jackie

Dean Napolitano and Jackie

Jackie and Nick DiPaolo

Jackie with Johnny Mac, Kelly Heatwole and up and coming comic, Xaiver Arroyro.

Jackie Knight and Johnny Mac
Thanks for all the great shows Johnny!

Sarah, Ron Feingold and Jackie's
grand-daughter Danielle.

Uncle Dow and Jackie
We will miss you Uncle Dow!

Cathie's Birthday Pic

July 4, 2013

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